Handcrafted in Finland

Jonna Huomo - Nurse and Nature Relaxation Coach.
Jonna Huomo – Nurse and Nature Mindfulness Coach.

Strange things can happen when people from different worlds come together. Jonna Huomo – originally a nurse – had built her own business around helping busy people relax in the Finnish nature. Ohto Rainio – a software engineer – had used forest walks as a way of doing Mindfulness exercises.

We discovered that our thoughts about nature’s impact on health and wellbeing matched perfectly! We wanted to enable an easy access to the beautiful Finnish nature for anybody, anywhere!

Would it be possible to build a Virtual Forest Walk?

Ohto Rainio -  Software Engineer and Nature enthusiast.
Ohto Rainio –  Software Engineer and Nature enthusiast.

We wandered in the Finnish forest and observed the colors of the forest, shadows, the swaying trees. We listened to birds singing and streams flowing. We smelled the fresh forest scent and felt the warm solid ground under our feet.

Then we tried to capture these sensations into pictures and sounds. Finally we transformed the pictures and sounds into rhythm and atmosphere.

After hundreds of kilometers of walking and many visits to different forests, the Walk In Finland application was born!

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play Store!